Property Consultant Service

by ERA

Jasmine is driven by pure passion for real estate and is a firm believer that real estate will continue to empower many investors as the main form of wealth creation in their assets building journey.
Having almost 10 years of experience in the Private Banking and Asset Management sector, Jasmine has a strong financial background and is equipped with the dynamic advisory skill sets that help empower her clients in their property progression journey.
Within the second month of joining ERA in 2019, she was awarded the TOP NEW ACHIEVER at ERA level and emerged in the Top 49 Position out of 7000 agents within the company. Jasmine continues to add on a string of awards and accolades under her belt throughout the course of the year.
With her strong financial knowledge, keen eyes for details and a heart to serve, she continued to assist and empower her clients. Jasmine goes beyond her role as a real estate agent, helping her clients study market trends and patterns in making the right investment decisions.
Call Jasmine at 9677 3449 or email for a non obligatory discussion on your property needs!
Awards and Recognitions:
ERA Top New Achiever – February 2019
ERA Top 50 Achiever (46th) – February 2019
Preeminent Group Top 10 – February 2019
Preeminent Group Top 50 – Q1 2019
ERA Q2 Top New Achiever – Runner Up
ERA Q2 Top 300 Achiever (265th)
ERA Million Dollar Club June 2019
Preeminent Group Top 81 – July 2019
ERA Top New Achiever (3rd) – August 2019
ERA Top 100 Achiever (76th) – August 2019
Preeminent Group Top 23 – August 2019
Preeminent Group Top 3 New Achiever – August 2019

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