Theme Cafe/Restaurant

Handsome vintage bikes hang on the walls of the café, which also serves as a meeting point for local cycling enthusiasts.
Nestled along the stretch of Cranwell Bungalows, you get a really nice view of greenery and also the waves! With Vespa motorcycles and typewriters on display, The Coastal Settlement can easily double up as a vintage museum
The first cafe in Singapore and Southeast Asia specialising in themed pop-up cafe
From the moment you step foot into Platform 1094, you will be transported into your magical fantasy world, with our mystical decor.
This hangout is fitted with modified vehicle parts, like a pool table fashioned out of a used car body, and bar stools made from parts salvaged from Vespa scooters.
Inspired by the film Alice In Wonderland . Wonderland Savour is filled with whimsical decor based on Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film against a glamorous interior design
Revisit Singapore’s yesteryears in this vintage-themed restaurant. The dining area is reminiscent of a living room from the 1960s, with antique décor and furniture littered around the comfortable space
If you’re a fan of noir and crime-themed dramas, The Dragon Chamber will be right up your alley. This restaurant will have you feel like a detective in a Hong Kong drama, with its gritty ambience and hidden location.

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