I-Alliance Partnership

I-ALLIANCE comes with a concept to offer our agencies/customers a hassle-free Asia one-stop centre for your booking and services support and yet, assuring you competitive rates and uniform quality services provided by our Alliance partners.

Our group of partners are meticulously selected after repeated trials and now, we are happy to announce that we can offer you our quality services within our network in Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong, China and more to come.

This partnership is to leverage the core competencies of each partner in terms of destination provider.

I-ASIA recognizes the market saturation of its own domestic market and thus formulated its business strategies to increase penetration not only in its existing markets but also expansion into overseas markets to achieve growth and an increase in potential market share.

I-ASIA will constantly enhance existing and develops new business concepts. This strategic move will be focusing on its brand expansion into any potential oversea markets

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Partnership Enquiry | info@i-alliance.com | info@i-asia.com.sg

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